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Things to Consider When Creating a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Studies have it that more than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices. It would, therefore, help to have a mobile-friendly page. It will be best if you concentrate your landing page as it is what visitors glance at first. If you do not know how to make your landing page more mobile-friendly, worry not. Here, you will get to learn more about the steps needed in optimizing landing pages. Read more about the things you can do and modify your current landing page.

The best content is short, straight to the point and easy to understand. They should be a summary of the contents in your homepage. If the landing page has much information, the visitors may be impatient and leave. The mobile phone, unlike the computer screen, can only contain a limited amount of content. This brings the importance of minimizing the data on your landing page.

It would help to have one call to action. The main aim of having a landing page is to communicate the key value. At the same time, it would be beneficial if you have a key action. For a call action to be efficient, it has to be bold and obvious. This means that they should be simple and contrasting form the rest of the page. It has to be the center of attention for any visitor.

The next step will be to quicken your loading time. If your loading time is slow; you will experience high bounce rates. For example, most visitors will not be patients in a landing page that takes more than 3seconds to load. Your site’s speed will rely on how many plugins you have and the size of the media. It would help to know that the steps involved on the site will affect the corresponding speed. You will benefit by having few active plugins and do regular tests on every page.

It will be best to choose uncomplicated media. You need to examine the images and video on the page. They can influence your website’s speed and presentation. It is recommended to us the least images and videos unless it is critical. Making a white background will make your page look more organized.

It is important to have mobile-friendly popups. In most cases, many use popups to generate more leads to their websites. With this, you will benefit more if the popups are made to suit mobile use. It will be wise to ensure that the popups match the mobile landing page size. Your visitors will have an easier time leaving the popups.

Now that you know the steps to create a mobile-friendly landing page, you will need help in actualizing the ideas. Read more here for info. on our guides and design tips.

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